• Chief's Corner

    Chief Executive Director Teresa Murray presents more about SRFECC through an online message.

    We are always interested in hearing from those we serve. If you have a compliment, question or concern, please email us at: Excellence@srfecc.ca.gov

  • Core Values

    The SRFECC Culture is based around our Core Values. They define who we are as an Agency. Our core values influence our daily operations and our hiring. Our Core Values are the common culture of the SRFECC Family.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What should you expect when you call 911? Why do we ask so many questions? The answers to YOUR questions are here.

  • SRFECC Wins!!

    The 2016 APCO Technology Leadership Award
    goes to SRFECC for the implementation of the Pulse Point application

    Congratulations SRFECC!

  • Notice of Hiring

    Now Hiring for Lateral Dispatcher

    Open to May 19, SRFECC is hiring lateral dispatchers. Visit the Careers Page to learn more.