Your IT Division

Information Technology

IT_Team2015When 911 has an emergency, they call the SRFECC IT Team!! Technology is a critical responsibility of the SRFECC. The SRFECC IT Team is responsible for all technology at the Center including:

  • Northrop Grumman COBOL CAD
    (Computer Aided Dispatch)
  • Altaris Mapping
  • Motorola MCC7500 Radio Consoles
  • West Viper Phone Consoles

Our 7 member team covers all these IT Responsibilities:

  • Network infrastructure – Firewalls, Internet, Routers, Network
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)– Maps, Pictometry, Fire Plans, Address Points, Routing, ArcServer and many more ESRI products
  • Help Desk – Troubleshooting, On-call, CAD Coordination
  • Telecommunications — Radios, Phones, Antenna, Controllers

Designed with a focus on customer service, the IT Team was completely reorganized in the 2012-13 Fiscal Year. Each focus area has multiple team members available to support dispatch operations. The IT work area in a bullpen configuration has made cross-training much more successful. The IT team provides 24 hour on-call service for SRFECC.

The Team has become part of many regional and national organizations, including Sacramento Regional Radio IT_Team2Communications System (SRRCS), Northern California Association of Public Safety Communications Officers (NAPCO), the Sacramento GIS Cooperative, Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC), the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) Mapping consortium, and the National Association of Public Safety GIS (NAPSG).

Since 2013 the team has won numerous awards including

      • Center for Digital Government Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation
      • MISAC Geographical Information Award
      • MISAC Achievement in IT Practices
      • SACOG Special Recognition for Collaboration
      • NAPCO IT Technician of the Year
      • NAPCO RF Technician of the Year
      • APCO National Technology Leadership Award

Please enjoy this simple interactive map of weather conditions compliments of the SRFECC IT Team.