Your Communications Division

Dispatch Operations

values5The SRFECC Communications Division is currently made up of 7 Supervisors, 18 Dispatchers, 2 Call Takers, 12 Recruit Dispatchers in Training. We are open for business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week , 365 days per year. The residents of Sacramento County can be confident that the personnel handling their 911 calls are of the highest professional and personal caliber. We take very seriously the important job we have been called to perform. Our communications staff daily represents the core values of our organization while dispatching over 160,000 incidents per year and answering more than 300,000 phone calls annually.

We utilize the International Emergency Medical Dispatch protocol, and all of our dispatchers are certified in both Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch and CPR. Our medical calls for service are audited by an outside auditor, and we exceed industry standards in customer service and overall compliance 100% of the time. At tKylee_test_stationhis point in time, our dispatchers are on track to have saved 110 lives in 2013 alone!

When not directly involved in the dispatch of emergency 911 calls, our communications staff is able to expand their horizons in areas of project management, GIS, website development, community outreach, 911 for kids, and various fundraising endeavors.