Your Command Staff

Command Staff

command_staffAs leaders in our profession we believe it is our responsibility to dedicate ourselves to the care of those we serve. In order for a culture to evolve, our teams, our community, and our constituents must believe in us, trust and respect us. We must be unwavering in our dedication and never compromise the greater good for self-promotion. We must also know who we are and what we stand for.SRFECC is a strong organization built on our Core Values . They are not mere words on paper; our SRFECC family truly embodies them.

As a guest to our center, you will hear words which echo our values, you will see behaviors that reflect our values, and you will feel the excitement and enthusiasm generated by our values. We encourage anyone who would like to visit our center to please do so; we would love to have you as a guest in our home.

SRFECC is proud to work collaboratively with many of our regional partners, regardless of county, state or country, for the greater good. Our common goal is to ensure the closest resource is dispatched expediently and safely to the crisis, while displaying exemplary customer service, saving both the lives and property of those we serve.

We are proud to be a Command Staff of servant leaders; we believe in service for the greater good. We are an honorable organization and lead a very selfless team of public safety professionals. It is our honor to serve Sacramento County and those who reside or visit here.

Pictured from right to left — Teresa Murray, Chief Executive Director,
Linda Luis, Communications Manager
Joyce Starosciak, Administrative Services Manager