Dispatching As A Career

Dispatcher Hiring and Training Process


The hiring process for a prospective dispatcher is thorough. Once you have submitted an application along with the mandatory typing certificate (no on line typing certificates, please), you are invited to take a written test, then an interview with a panel, followed by an interview with our Deputy  Directors and/or Executive Director. Should you receive a conditional job offer, you will go through a complete background process including a psychological exam and a medical exam. Whew! If all goes well…well then welcome to the SRFECC family!

It is truly our perspective that once you are hired, you are part of our family. Our number one goal is to facilitate your successful progression through the training process and beyond. Your training journey begins with a training academy located, where you will learn the essentials of operating our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, appropriate questions to ask a caller, and many other foundational information and skills. EMD and CPR certification are also part of the training. Our training academy is equipped with technology, just like the equipment used in our dispatch center, including an identical CAD system in training mode.

During the academy training, you are assigned a one-on-one trainer for live, hands-on instruction whereby you are mentored and provided daily coaching before working solo. We also allow you some time to get comfortable as a call taker before moving you to your next phase of training in radio dispatching. Once again, you will be entered into a Radio Academy and after completing the training, you will be paired one on one with a trainer, who will provide you the skills you need to be a successful radio dispatcher. Once again, when you reach a high level of competency, your trainer will sign you off and you will be a fully trained Fire Dispatcher with SRFECC!

We realize there is a lot to learn and everyone learns at a different pace. Our trainers and our entire team will go above-and-beyond to facilitate the success of our recruits. You will always know you have a team behind you, and with you, every step of the way!

Comments from some of our own dispatch recruits

“Everyday you have the opportunity to help the community when in need; not one day is the same. The environment allows dispatchers to have the comfort and support of fellow employees. Having three days off provides you ample time with family and friends. With SRFECC you gain invaluable experience and the knowledge you made a difference in peoples lives.”

“Working at SRFECC can be a challenging yet rewarding job. Dispatchers work 12 hour shifts, 3 days on 3 days off; with the opportunity for overtime and on-calls. Working at SRFECC is a team effort as dispatchers multi-task responding to phones, radios, and computer notifications. A great job for those that like a challenge, but not for the faint of heart.”

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