Joint Powers Authority for SRFECC

logoSRFECC was organized through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) pursuant to the provisions of Title I, Division 7, Chapter 5, Article 1, Sections 6500 et seq. of the California Government Code beginning January 1, 1981 and most recently amended July 10, 2014, to provide public safety communications management/dispatch services for its member agencies.

SRFECC has four all-risk, paid, Fire Agency Members

  • City of Sacramento Fire Department
  • Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
  • City of Folsom Fire Department
  • Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department

SRFECC also dispatches to six other Fire Agencies

  • Courtland Fire Protection District
  • Herald Fire Protection District
  • Isleton Fire Department
  • River Delta Fire Protection District
  • Walnut Grove Fire Protection District
  • Wilton Fire Protection District

For further details please refer to Agencies Served.

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