Sacramento Regional Fire Dispatchers are #VegasStrong

Ready for an amazing story?  Good.  Take a look at these dispatchers.  The photo is a group of Sacramento CA dispatchers that went to the aid of Las Vegas fire rescue dispatchers.

“…one giant set of thanks was set aside for four members from the Sacramento Regional Fire Communications Center. They sent four staff members to help out at the Combined Communications Center and worked 10-hour shifts daily October 4–9. It provided respite to those involved and helped manage the workload. Beyond that, it lifted the spirits of everyone in the center at the thought of volunteers who left families and friends to assist a center full of strangers in need. They became part of our big, extended family.”  -Major Emergencies: No one fights alone, Public Safety Communications Magazine July/Aug 2018

This is what it means to be #911STRONG

We are very proud to salute the Sacramento Regional Fire and Las Vegas Fire Rescue dispatchers

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