Chief’s Corner

Fall 2017

Fall is upon us and we are working harder than ever to finalize several critical, community focused, projects. Our New Computer Aided Dispatch System, a product from Tyler New World, is nearing its final stages of build and testing. Our collaborative team has worked hard to ensure the result is the best CAD we can provide to our dispatchers, constituents and community.

I am extremely impressed with the team’s dedication to this project and its success. Thank you to the following amazing team members from SRFECC: Diane House, Kylee Soares, Casey Quintard, Tara Poirier, Eli Strong, Julee Todd, Summer Carroll, Jill Short, Angela Stefenoni , Lisa Smelser, Brad Dorsett, Shane Steckelberg, Matt ‘Woody’ Wooden, John Herrera & Chuck Schuler. Your Command Staff is very appreciative.

Our newest addition to our technical list is our Westnet station alerting system. We have just begun our project kickoff and are excited about updating our County with new and improved notification systems. This means information will be disseminated at a faster pace to enhance our service delivery model.

Our Emergency Communication’s Van has been busy, deploying numerous times over the past months. The dispatchers accompany the van into the field to provide critical support to the firefighters on the fire lines.

Fall also brings new faces to SRFECC. We welcome Chia Vargo, our new Accounting Specialist to our team as well as five (5) new Dispatch Recruits. Their badge pinning and swearing in ceremony is set for Wednesday the 20th of September at 430pm at our Conference and Training Center on Gold Canal. We are so proud of Yvonne, Michael, Kristal, Chrissy, and Kristina! Welcome to the SRFECC family!

Chia Vargo

Yvonne Vazquez

Michael Garcia

Krystal Torres

Chrissy Stockman

Kristina Davis

We would also like to formally congratulate Joe Thuesen on his promotion to Communications Manager effective in July. A big shout out also goes to our newest Supervising Dispatchers Eli Strong and Donna Fender! Finally, congratulations to Casey Quintard our new Operations Supervisor and Kylee Soares our new Administrative Supervisor!

Elizabeth Strong

Ava Donna Fender

Casey Quintard

Kylee Soares




Promotions and new additions always bring excitement to the organization as well as new, fresh ideas and energy. We are very proud of our succession planning strategies and continue to invest in our teams to ensure the future is strong and the history of excellence continues.




Teresa Murray

Chief Executive Director SRFECC