SRFECC Receives Technology Leadership Award from APCO International

APCO International is pleased to announce SRFECC as the winner of the 2016 Technology Leadership Awards for a small/medium center.  SRFECC received this honor at the APCO 2016 Conference on August 14, 2016.  SRFECC was recognized for its advanced efforts in implementing the PulsePoint application for all four fire departments in Sacramento County.  Here’s more:

PulsePoint Foundation is heralding SRFECC as the fastest implementation on record for a system of our size. The SRFECC JPA Board of Directors approved the contract to start implementation on Nov. 6, 2015 and the Public Launch Date at Sacramento City Hall occurred just 5 weeks later – December 14, 2015. In the meantime the team worked furiously to meet and exceed the expectations of the elected officials and the Board of Directors.

First off, the team needed to clarify the integration with our 30 year legacy Cobal CAD system from Northrop Grumman. The SRFECC CAD Technician, Brad Dorsett, and SRFECC Network Engineer, Shane Steckelberg, took the first week of the implementation to develop the strategy with Northrop Grumman engineers to create the API and integrate our current CAD calls with the PulsePoint system.

Next the team had to filter calls for each of the four full-time fire departments. This required setting the services to transfer each jurisdictional transaction as a separate account. This was a complicated, but necessary component since Pulse Point is implemented for the individual fire departments, even though they all share the same dispatch center.

Then the team had to develop a filter to appropriately deliver the correct nature codes to the system. This portion took a great deal of time as this required multiple iterations on the part of the SRFECC IT Team, the Constituent Agency Members of the 4 full time fire departments, and finally approval from the JPA Board of Directors.   The selection of type codes was critical as there had to be sufficient numbers to alert the community. However sensitive information type codes, for example, incidents that required law enforcement, had to be suppressed. The final 885 type codes selected were a carefully targeted subset of the 1124 type codes originally available in the system.

Finally, the team was required to document and verify the location of hundreds of AED locations. Utilizing a GIS capture tool on their cell phones, the SRFECC GIS team and their colleagues visited hundreds of locations to verify the AED’s spread throughout the County. The documentation included GIS coordinates and a picture of each useable AED for the PulsePoint application. The SRFECC team alone validated over 175 AED’s for the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

This was an extraordinary effort due to the focus of the team, meeting twice a week to coordinate all the efforts. The Statement of Work from PulsePoint projected a 9 week project, but this team completed all of that effort in only 5 weeks, far exceeding the expectations of the elected officials and the Fire Chiefs.

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