Agencies / SOG’s


Cosumnes Community Services District

To enhance the quality of life for those residing in, doing business in and visiting the community. The CSD strives to provide balanced services to all areas of the community, while being responsive to individuals.

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Folsom Fire Department

Working together to provide superior services in a safe, thorough and efficient manner.

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Sacramento Fire Department

The mission of the Sacramento Fire Department is to protect our community through effective and innovative public safety services.

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Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District

To provide professional and compassionate protection, education and service to our community.

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Courtland Fire Department

The Courtland Fire Department is dedicated to protecting life and property by providing effective public education, fire prevention and emergency services.We are committed to proudly serve our community in the safest, most professional and efficient manner.

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Herald Fire Protection District

The Herald Fire Protection District shall provide protection for Life and Property from both emergency and non emergency situations including the threat of fire, medical emergencies and the release of hazardous materials. Our members ensure a safe community through Planning, Prevention, Education, Training, Fire Suppression and Rescue. Active with Dedication and Integrity.

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Isleton Fire Department

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  • 201 2nd St.
  • Isleton, CA 95690
  • (916) 777-7776

River Delta Fire Protection District

The men and women of the River Delta Fire Protection District proudly stand together to serve and protect the community from fire, or other natural and man-made disasters or emergencies with Professionalism, dedication and quality of service.

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Wilton Fire Protection District

The Wilton Fire Protection District is a team-oriented organization that strives to do whatever we can to prevent fire, provide emergency medical aid to those in need and efficiently mitigate both natural and manmade disasters when they happen and help in the recovery effort to those effected. The Wilton Fire Protection District has Urban Protection with Rural Pride. We believe in neighbor helping neighbor. Our District consists of a highly dedicated group of 73 men and women who annually handle more than 500 calls for service.

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walnut-groveWalnut Grove Fire Protection District

The Walnut Grove Fire Protection District annually handles more than 200 calls for service.

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  • P.O. Box 41
  • Walnut Grove, CA 95693
  • (916) 417-4070

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