Acclaiming the South County Tower

The goal of the South County Radio Improvement Project is to improve critical emergency VHF radio alerting for fire agencies in the South County. A critical technical component to emergency dispatch is radio infrastructure. Radio infrastructure provides dispatcher personnel the ability to quickly alert emergency fire personnel of an emergency. For the delta region, this is accomplished via audible tones and VHF pagers. Historically, the delta region has had poor radio reception due to the topology and lack of radio infrastructure.

SRFECC worked with several private businesses to stand up this new VHF transmitter site. What is unique about this project is that the new site is located on top of a grain silo owned by Conservation Farms and Ranches.

Installation of antenna

Installing the antenna on a grain silo to create the South County Tower

Antenna at highest point in South County

Radio coverage has improved with the use of the south county transmitter site. Chuck Schuler and Matt Wooden created a mobile application to capture radio quality. Routes throughout the south county were selected to find coverage pockets. The portable radio test results are shown here.

Portable radio drive test results

Ribbon Cutting April 25, 2017

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